Modern Animals is a traveling festival that connects dots between animals, humans, the wild, and civilization through live performance, film, and inspired natural settings. Each pop-up happening features works by visionary filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers. At its core, Modern Animals is a group of songs and films geared to raise awareness and provoke conversation about our place in the animal kingdom.

Everybody loves looking at animals. They rouse our primal instincts, and mesmerize us with their wild looks and behaviors. And because their inner lives are inscrutable, we reinvent them as creatures of our imaginations, from sacred cows to Spongebob.

How do our cultural visions of animals square with real animals who are increasingly stuck in a world gone Man? How can we explore this riddle in visceral, transcendent ways? How can enlist our best creators to help us step outside of civilization for a moment and catch glimpses of the bigger picture of life on Earth?